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Missing Movie Music – Nightmare On Elm Street 4 – The Dream Master (1988)

The year was 1988, the rock hair bands that once dominated the music scene were slowly being pushed aside for a new type of music. The 4th entry into the immensely popular Nightmare on Elm Street series marked a notable change musically. The MTV generation was now in full swing and Elm Street 4 embraced both its cultural influences and its new variety of international music.

The soundtrack album for part 4 is one of, if not the best in the series, featuring bands such as The Divinyls, Go West , Blondie and a few lesser known bands that provided some very memorable music.

But when watching the film, you notice that some of the most memorable tracks didn’t actually make it to the soundtrack album.

There were some weird choices made for this album. Whether these were down to time restraints, cost or licensing remains unknown.

However in this edition of Missing Movie Music, we are going to highlight some of those missing tracks.

Missing Movie Music – Creepshow 2 & The Living Daylights – “Sacred Heart”

What do The Living Daylights & Creepshow 2 have in common? Both of these 1987 films use the same piece of music that was absent from their respective soundtrack / score releases. "Sacred Heart" was a stock piece of music by Christopher Blackwell which was used for both films from production music company Dewolfe.

Library music is often used in film and television when it is quicker or cheaper to use existing music rather than comppose and record new music. Back in the day, the film studios would get sent catalogues of Library music to use in their productions. Once the had selected a suitable piece of music they would then order a master tape from the music company.

The music in this case was the track "Sacred Heart", taken from the library album "See The Day" from back in 1986.

These industry catalogue records were not available for sale to the public, however they can be found easily on the 2nd hand market such as ebay.

Missing Movie Music – The Running Man – “Paula’s Theme”

The track credited at the end of the movie - "Paula's Theme" has never appeared on any of the soundtrack releases of The Running Man, including the new expanded edition released in 2020.The track was named so as it was played during the opening of the show in the movie - for which Paula Abdul choreographed the dance routines for.

"Paula's Theme".

Written & Produced by Jackie Jackson and Glen Barbee

Published by Siggy Music

Teco / Barish MusicThe Production Network, Inc.

d/b/a The Production Network MusicTaft / Barish Music

Performed by Jackie Jackson and Glen Barbee